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I can’t believe it…a Free Apple iBook!

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Wow. Everything is going so great right now, it’s almost unbelievable…Life is just great.

First off, the website layout upgrade has been turning out better, faster, and easier than I ever thought would have been possible. I can’t wait for the entire thing to be up, I just need a little bit more time. It should take too much longer, I’d say a week or two, but because of the event that I explain below…it has slowed the upgrade process.

{nerdy stuff}
I’ve taken the entire page code(layout/design) and writing the code to script it completely dynamically (where the PHP comes in – you might have noticed mostly all pages you will encounter will be end in a .php extension). This makes it incredibly easy to add content to the pages and change a LOT of the menus, layouts, etc. quickly, chronologically, and in a really organized fashion.

Also, speaking about organization, I’m coming up with a scheme to organize the entire layout as a whole even better. Not quite sure exactly how yet, but I only thought of this last night, so I’ll figure it out. I got the hierarchy chart done last night, it’s simple, but works fine for me.
{end nerdy stuff}

A lot of what I have to do is to get the images proper size to fit the current layout, which brings me to my next topic of conversation.
Second, a lot of you may know that I got a free Mac Mini last December. That was wonderful, at a value of $599, I was quite happy. Then I found another offer for an Apple iBook. I thought it was a little outrageous, but I figured if I got the Mac Mini, I guess this could be legitimate. Boy was I right.

I waited two months for everything to be verified and confirmed, then called them yesterday morning, but they were closed, so I waited until I was at work to call. The nice lady I spoke with stated she said I could expect it around the 21st. So I continued my day at work, came home, and was talking on the phone with Kelley when my dad asked what I got in a big box. I’m like “What the heck?!” I went out, and there’s a box with a brand new $999 Apple iBook in it.

My New Apple iBook All my free stuff
Here’s the new iBook Here’s all the free suff

I’m sure I’ll be writing again very soon!!!

Mike Therrien

OMG…I got a FREE Mac Mini!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

I wanted to let everyone know something incredibly cool. I guess if you hate Apple and the Macintosh operating system, you can ignore this blog. For the rest of people that want a free computer…read on.
So Dan Leveille inspired me to sign up for to get a free iPod because he got one himself. After researching these types of companies, I found this company, www.ConsumerIncentivePromotions.Com that gives Mac Mini’s after a certain number of completed offers (rather than referring friends). You only have to sign up for 2 offers per page (with a total of 3 pages). If you visit their website and it doesn’t work, just Bookmark it, and try again because it’s been doing that recently. No big deal!

I thought what the hell…I’ll try it out. I finished the 2 offers required for the first page, and waited until they were confirmed. I then tried the second page, and again waited for the offers to be confirmed. After the first 4, I was like OK, this is cool, I’ll do the third page. I completed the first of 2 offers, and it got confirmed, so I completed the final (6 of 6) offers (which was to sign up for Earthlink Dialup – $9.95). I did that, it completed and I cancelled all of the offers I signed up for.

I filled in their shipping information, sent it in, and 2 weeks later I got a tracking number for the package. 2 DAYS later I got home, and had a box on my bed. In the box was another box…direct from Apple. In that box was my BRAND NEW 1.33Ghz PowerPC, 512MB of RAM, 40Gig HD Mac Mini with a retail value of $649.99. I was so happy. I had to take a picture before I even opened the Mini! Here’s the pic:

Me and the Mini

I’d encourage you to try the same…but as for me…I’m happy I did! And no, as of yet, it’s not for sale.