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End of school year. Deserves a blog.

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

So it’s the end of the semester here at Champlain College. Having completed one final prior to this week (Current Topics in Computing) and one today (Basic Telephony / Switching Systems), I have 3 left to study for. Basically two of them should be rather difficult (Macroeconomics and Philosophy) and the last should be OK (Windows Server 2003). Here’s a breakdown of my classes:

Current Topics in Computing, Paul Novak – It was a pretty sweet class. Doing nothing but presentations on recent computer topics was really cool, but hard to come up with original topics. I definitely learned a lot in the class from the presentations delivered by both my classmates and I. I expect to get a rather decent high-80’s, low-90’s in the class.

Basic Telephony / Switching Systems, Jim Hoag – The class was cool, but a lot of my problems seemed to require attention during the normal class period times, so I missed a few classes, and was asked if i was still attending school and because of this I expect a low to mid-80’s in the class.

Macroeconomics, Linda Rizvi – This class was fun, I tend to like economics, and it was challenging despite my initial opinion of the class. I got along great with the teacher because I helped her for hours on her new Mac. Pending taking the final tomorrow morning, I believe I should get a mid-80’s to low-90’s in the class.

Windows Server 2003, Sue Fritz – This class was definitely fun. I learned a lot about server-side of the Windows operating system. I learned how to effectively implement domain controllers and how to get a real network built with users and something besides DHCP to run on a Windows gateway (*chuckles*). We had a group project in which I got assigned to create a domain controller with DNS to run on it. That was a joke. Three clicks later, I was done. I do expect to get a low to mid-90’s though.

Philosophy, Alphonso Capone – I had absolutely no fun. The problem didn’t lie with the teacher, but merely that I don’t like or understand philosophical texts, and frankly have no interest in it whatsoever. I’m probably going to get a mid-60’s in the class.

So those have been my classes for the past four months, and except for a few mishaps, everything has been going decent. I haven’t really said to much about it, but I’m going to be living in Burlington this summer, so that should be pretty sweet. To all my friends: COME AND VISIT! I’m going to be working at the Computer Helpdesk throughout the summer and will be living in Pearl Hall, which will be my first experience with true dorm-style living. Can’t tell yet if I’ll like it or hate it, but I’ll find out in a few weeks!

Now for a few notes on Web Hosting and

1. Web Hosting is going great. I haven’t had too many problems (or progress) lately, however over the summer I will be having an “official” launch of the myCP portal, which is and has been amazingly simple to design, with a high level of security built right in. 🙂 So if there has ever been a better time to get your site hosted with me, it is RIGHT NOW…no joke, the myCP portal will soon do nearly everything a corporate web hosting company provides, at many many many dollars cheaper. Don’t mean to be advertising, but I wish I had this opportunity when I first started out.

2. has gotten ridiculously large recently. Because of a new feature in our my.champlain portal called “paige” I have gotten the word out to many many new people and have doubled the amount of books. If you haven’t checked it out, you should because you may find a good deal on a book. I’ve already found a book I need for next year, so hopefully it’ll help you as well.

3. Hopefully I’ll be able to speak to Student Government during the summer or next year about CampusBooksale. I’ve been told to do so by multiple people, but I don’t feel comfortable putting it out there yet, as it still needs much improvement before it launches. I just haven’t had the time recently, but this summer should be better for that.

Well anyway, this blog is getting large so I’ll stop, but thanks for reading!

“Bad server, bad!” and “My introduction to Ajax”

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Bad server, bad!
The past few days have been interesting. My server decided to start displaying old versions of my pages. It was very funny, but not so funny to fix. Anyway that was fixed as of last night, so all is well currently.

My introduction to Ajax
As for my last blog, many people have taken interest in the idea of the website, so I did get a domain for the website. The website is, which seems to fit the idea perfectly. Throughout the past month or so I, as well as O’Ryan, have been working on the inter-workings of the actual site, making it more dynamic and auto-updating. O’Ryan’s came up with a really neat design for the website, and we have both been programming the site and getting it set up enough to actually start advertising it. I’m hoping that it will be completed before the end of this semester, but I can’t promise anything yet. It really has been coming along though, and I’ve started to learn Ajax, XML, XHTML, and even more PHP and JavaScript.

Sell your books to students…pay less and sell your current books for more than the Bookstore could imagine.

Thursday, November 30th, 2006

Hey Everyone,

A Facebook group brought to my attention that I’d rather sell my books to my friends and schoolmates than to the Bookstore or to an online company that’ll take a decent commission. I looked around for a website like that is just for school books and didn’t find anything…so being the intuitive procrastinator that I am I decided to take two days and make the website myself. I really hope that all the time I put into it both pays off for me (by getting books for less…lol) and for all the other students out there.

I’ll give you the link first, then a description.

The website is very simple, easy to find what you’re looking for, easy to post both book sales and requests, and easy to update for me. If people started using it I would upgrade the site quite a bit and I’m already looking into getting a domain name for it. It is really cool and could work really good if people used it, so if you’re reading this…list the books that you have for those that are looking for next semester…and check to see what books you need for next semester and see if any are there. I’m really excited about the website and hope people start taking advantage of it.

That’s all for now, I’ll be in NYC this weekend on the Road Rules Trip, so if you do add a book sale or request, please be aware I may not be able to get to it until Sunday or Monday (don’t let this stop you though). Thanks for reading and don’t forget to visit!

Mike Therrien