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Life Update

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This is the much awaited for life update of Michael D. Therrien. After graduating from Champlain College, I:

-Was interviewed and hired at Bond Auto Parts. I’ve been working here since May 21, 2009 and love it. It can be stressful at times, usually long hours, a LOT of driving recently. My boss is currently 28 and is also a Champlain College alumni. The entire IT department is made up four people at this point, managing the networking, servers, and workstations in 38 stores, 2 office buildings and 1 warehouse. The company is really great to work for, employing close to 400 people throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

-Started two online summer classes to get my 120 credits, finishing my requirements for my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Networking and Information Security. One class (Database Management) was easy but interesting, and the other (Seminar in Contemporary World Issues) was neither easy but still interesting, learning LOTS about Palestine (my assigned “country”). I passed both class and will receive my diploma in “6-8 weeks”

-Bought a new car. After looking for a good replacement car for someone else, my 1998 Plymouth Neon decided to overheat for the second time. Luckily I caught it before any damage was done, so I was able to sell it. (The car “died” on me the day my thesis was due, so I was freaking out.) The weekend after finals were over, my dad was going to Boston on a business trip so I met him down there and spent the weekend. One day I hung out with Kelley Gauthier and Derek Desmond in Boston and the next day I was on a car hunt. I checked out Boch Toyota in Norwood, Mass and was offered a good deal on an fully-upgraded top-end model of the car that I wanted. The following week I found out that I got the job with Bond Auto Parts, so the following weekend I drove down and spent five hours filling out paperwork for the 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS, which is basically a Camry with a Corolla body. The car is a 5-speed manual and has built-in Bluetooth, XM satellite radio, and a sunroof. Registration in VT was interesting, but I got the license plate “MIKE T” so that was cool.

-Had a lot of fun with my friends in both New Hampshire and Vermont…we unfortunately didn’t get to go skydiving this summer, but maybe soon! (Hopefully the weather will be nicer next summer) 🙂

-“Vacationed” in Andover, Maine during Labor Day weekend with the family and Susan, Norman, and Allison, and a few of their friends.

So that’s my life up until the current day. Questions anyone?