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Friday, May 15th, 2009

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, and there is a reason behind this. Senior year at Champlain College was rough. What ever happened to “Senior-itis”? My last semester of college was the most difficult, frustrating semester that I’ve ever gone through. The reason for this is that I decided to take 7 courses to avoid having to go for another semester. This past semester I took the following courses:
NET-450: Senior Thesis Project
NET-490: Internship
NET-415: Special Topics: Wireless Networking
NET-335: Routers
NET-330: Network Design
SOC-295: Community Service
WRT-231: Technical Writing

As mentioned, I worked extremely hard on these courses and pulled off a 3.95GPA!

My thesis was a 32-page paper and project on Cloud Computing and Virtualization. I’ll have to put it up here at some point. Without going into too much detail, I researched the new-ish technology and how it can be implemented to save time and money.

For my internship, I joined Eternity Web Development as a Web Programmer Intern. While there, I did over 120 hours of work with both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

For Community Service, I worked with Ron Court and the Booker T Washington Society and completed 40 hours of 100% donated web programming work.

During the last week of classes, I went on a family vacation to Orlando, FL. On the way there, I drove a total of 12 hours (exactly half of the drive there), and we stayed a night in Daytona Beach, FL. I got a bad sunburn on the beach there, as it was a bit windy and didn’t seem like sunburn weather. We also visited my great-aunt and uncle while there. After finishing the trip to Orlando, FL, we spent the next week visiting Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, and Fun Spot.
At Discovery Cove, we went snorkeling in two “pools”, one was a warm lazy-river type of pool and one was a really cold, saltwater pool with tons of exotic fish and manta rays. Both were really interesting, especially if you like accidentally swallowing mouthfuls of fresh or salt water! My sister, Andrea, and her boyfriend, Matt, went for the “dolphin experience” where they got to swim with (and pet) a dolphin. It was cool, but didn’t seem like it was worth the extra $100!

At SeaWorld, we enjoyed the animals and the amusements including the Blue Horizons show. It was well over 100 degrees the day we went, so this adventure ended early…

At Fun Spot, my sister, Kyra, Matt, and I drove go-karts for almost 3 hours, along with a funky roulette-type ride and bumper water boats that we all got soaked from. (However it still felt good at midnight because it was so hot…)

Sadly, I flew home Friday morning at 6AM to present my thesis, and my family got to spend the day with my Aunt Louise, who I haven’t seen in a couple of years! All I have to say about the flight is NEVER under any circumstance have a layover at JFK airport at 8AM. It took longer to get off the runway than it took to fly from there to Burlington. Live & Learn! The presentation of my thesis went well though, as did finals to end the semester on a good note.

Senior Week, provided by Champlain College, was very fun and entertaining:

  • Saturday, May 2nd, we adventured to Six Flags New England in Agawam, MA, for an all-day extravaganza (much like after high-school graduation…hmmm).
  • Monday, May 4th, we went bowling at Spare Time in Colchester, VT.
  • Tuesday, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo), we had dinner from MOE’s in Burlington followed by good times downtown.
  • Thursday, May 7th, we had commencement rehearsal at Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, followed by a rainy, musical walk down Main Street and Church Street for the “Last Hurrah” Lake Champlain Cruise, where there was music, lots of people, and tarot card readings. Interesting people! Yet another speech from Dave Finney (P. Finn) proves that the college wants us to donate money.
  • Friday, May 8th, we had a “Gratitude Reception” in the Bader parking lot with family, friends, and classmates, and yummy meat and cheese kabobs. Again, followed by a P. Finn speech and finished off by Kat Maund, the event proved to be one last gathering with everybody’s family and friends.
  • Saturday, May 9th, the most glorious day in my life, I graduated from Champlain College. Sure, I have four more credits to get out of the way, but whatever! (I’ll just finish those online this summer, no biggie!) My Mom, Dad, Andrea, Kyra, Fini, and Katie were there to watch me walk. THANKS FOR COMING! WISH I HAD TICKETS FOR EVERYONE!!! After graduation we went to the reception at the school, then off to tour the Magic Hat Artifactory, then out to dinner at the Windjammer with Lyndsey Eckler and Ben Actis.

You may be wondering, now that school is wrapped up, what am I doing? That answer would be, Nothing. Not technically “Nothing”, but I have no “job” and have only been looking for a place to live after my current lease is up. I’ve also been spending a lot of time finishing up projects that I’ve been working on for some time. (VCCCSAR, BTWSociety, CampusBooksale, My Personal Website, Wellesley High Class of ’59 site, and many others.) I’ve spent some time at home, where I got a new cat:

Isn't she cute?

She sleeps a LOT, and LOVES attention, but has a horrible attention span and gets very feisty quickly. The vet said she’s about 4-5 months old and has gotten her first set of shots.

That’s really it up until now! I’ll be more attentive and let you know when other things come up! Come to think of it, I really don’t know who “you” is, so hopefully somebody reads this…sorry it’s so long!!!