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Don’t sweat the small things…

Thursday, May 8th, 2008


So as many people may know (or my last blog may show), my first school year at Champlain College just finished. On Friday I helped many of my friends pack up and get ready to leave on Saturday, and on Saturday I said goodbye to them and packed up some of my stuff to bring home that I won’t be using this summer, as I’ll be living in a dorm room and won’t need my kitchen ware or bathroom accessories.

So I drove home and realized that the hard drive on my laptop decides to die, but I decide not to think about it until Sunday. On Sunday I got the oil on my car changed, the tires rotated, and I visited NCIA for a bit. I then came back home and decided to start writing a blog griping and complaining about the hard drive when I got a phone call from my little sister’s friend’s mom. She asked if my dad was home, and I told her I wasn’t sure where they were. She then asked me if he knew what happened. I had no idea what happened, and had no clue if my dad “knew what happened.”

She then told me that my little sisters best friend, as well as our 12-year old neighbor, Brian Wu, was struck and killed by a car while roller blading. Not mentioning any names, a 16-year old driver was dared to get airborne by going as fast as they could up a hill with a blind corner at the top on Promenade Street. The driver lost control of the vehicle, due to travelling at a speed of 50-60 mph and hit, taking the life of, Brian.

brian wu.jpg

God bless all family members and friends of Brian. Brian was a good kid and will be sorely missed by many MANY people. I will always remember the meaning of a poem that was written and read at the funeral of one of my cousins who also died young, as a teenager…saying that everything happens for a reason and that God didn’t want this boy to die, but that he needed such a great person to go on to bigger and better things as an angel in Heaven. (Of course the poem was much better, but unfortunately I don’t remember the exact words, only the meaning…)

Besides empathizing with the family and friends of Brian, this opened up my eyes, realizing that everything we once knew and loved could be gone in the blink of an eye. Don’t sweat the small things in life. What happened to my hard drive was a disappointment… what happened to Brian was a tragedy. Nobody should ever have to go through what his family did.

UPDATE: The boy who hit Brian has been sentenced to one year in jail.