Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, meeting Luis Guzman…a day to remember.

So yesterday, March 17th, I’m awakened by the faint sound of the phone in my apartment. The phone stops ringing so I don’t get up. Then about 10 or 15 minutes later I hear a light knock on the door. Thinking it’s the RA because EVERYONE rings the doorbell but the RA I put on a shirt and pair of pants and head to the door. Looking out the peephole I see my father standing there…nice surprise!

So they begin cleaning my apartment, we agree to going out to eat, and I go take a shower. I then decided we’d go to Hooters on Route 2 and Billy, Nicole, Allie, and Eric would join us. So it’s St. Patrick’s Day…at Hooters. This is a great experience if you’ve never done it before, it was…interesting…to say the least. We order, and I’m told that I will be dancing on a stool and waitresses will sing because it’s my birthday, which I didn’t really understand…I thought it’d be the other way around.

Anyway, I start looking around and see this guy that I recognized. Not quite sure who it was I rejoined the conversations at the table, but kept looking at the guy, and knew I’d seen him in a movie before. Turns out, he is the guy I was thinking of, Luis Guzman, and I remember the movie I’d seen him in which was Anger Management. My mom asks the waitress about him, and she’s like, “Lets go talk to him.” I didn’t want to bother him, but the waitress dragged me over to him, and I started talking, and Billy takes a few pictures.

Shaking hands.

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Basically it was a cool Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day. The only thing that sucked was that Keenan, his girlfriend, Adam Rich, and another kid were supposed to come up and visit, but the weather decided to suck so they didn’t make it.

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