“Bad server, bad!” and “My introduction to Ajax”

Bad server, bad!
The past few days have been interesting. My server decided to start displaying old versions of my pages. It was very funny, but not so funny to fix. Anyway that was fixed as of last night, so all is well currently.

My introduction to Ajax
As for my last blog, many people have taken interest in the idea of the website, so I did get a domain for the website. The website is http://www.campusbooksale.com, which seems to fit the idea perfectly. Throughout the past month or so I, as well as O’Ryan, have been working on the inter-workings of the actual site, making it more dynamic and auto-updating. O’Ryan’s came up with a really neat design for the website, and we have both been programming the site and getting it set up enough to actually start advertising it. I’m hoping that it will be completed before the end of this semester, but I can’t promise anything yet. It really has been coming along though, and I’ve started to learn Ajax, XML, XHTML, and even more PHP and JavaScript.

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