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Cars = Problems

Monday, June 12th, 2006

So today I was up in Berlin with Keenan for a bit. He went to visit a friends, so I took his car for a drive. It was fun because it’s a standard and those are always fun. So I’m driving around for like 15 minutes, and as I’m driving down a side road, BOOM, it sounds like a big rock hit the underside of the car. I was uh-oh. I knew I didn’t do anything wrong, so I was like damn…wrong place, wrong time? But I turned it off, turned it back on, and drove back to get Keenan. On the way home, he heard the car making a pulsing noise. I didn’t exactly know what he was talking about, it sounded normal to me, because my car makes a similar sound.

So later on in the day he tells me that he decided to take it to a shop to get it looked at, and on the way, smoke started pouring out of it, and they couldn’t get it into either first or second gear. So basically I feel bad because it seems like it was my fault, even though I didn’t really do anything.

So even later on, we’re at Mr. Pizza and Keenan decides to drive my car. The damn car wouldn’t get out of first gear. Somethings wrong with this picture. His car breaks when I’m driving it, my car breaks when he’s driving it. It just doesn’t make sense. I have to get that look at, as well as inspected and registered by the end of the month. This sucks.

So basically, I don’t know how I’m getting to work tomorrow, and when/if my car makes it to the shop, I won’t be able to afford anything that has to happen to the car, as I’m also told that I may need a brake job. Stupid brakes, who needs those?

Well anyway, I’m off to bed, don’t forget to check out my eBay auction before it ends at like 10AM tomorrow morning!


Mac Mini on eBay…

Monday, June 12th, 2006

I felt like letting people know that the Mac Mini is now on eBay. I offered it around, and it didn’t seem like anyone had interest in a desktop Mac. There is only like 16 hours left, but it is past the reserve price, so anything goes from here on out.

If you are interested in it, and you are in the area, I would be willing to arrange for pickup/dropoff if you win the auction, please just let me know ASAP after the bidding is done. Thanks for looking!


Saturday, June 10th, 2006

So about a month ago, Keenan asked me if I was going to be able to go to his graduation and the chem-free. I asked for it off from work, but was unable to get the time off. So Keenan after about 2 weeks of not believing me, realized I couldn’t go, so he was pretty much mad at me. (I’m Sorry!)
About a week ago, Keenan says “Chem-free starts at 10.” I’m thinking…’Why couldn’t I go?’…turns out I worked from 5-9 on Friday night and I had to be back in for a 9-5 on Saturday. He then said that we’d get back around 5AM. I told him I’d go and just be really tired at work. So it all turned out to be OK, except I didn’t get to go to graduation…and…Class Day…nobody told me about it. gosh. I could have gone to that! But anyways…

About the night: So after work I rush to get Kelley at her dads house, then head to my house to change. I couldn’t wear what I was, as the later activities prohibited the clothes I had on. Then we went to Dunkins’ to pick up a bit of coffee before so we could stay up for another 8 hours. We saw Britta, Kam, their Daddy, and Jason, so Kelley talked to them and I got the coffee. I had a good laugh with Paula in Dunkins’ about a girl that went down a waterslide nude the year that she was a chaperon at chem-free. I thought that was funny. So after that crazy fun stuff in Dunkins’ I walked outside and immediately got assaulted by Kam. That was unpleasant!

SOOO…we go to the Hatchery, pick up Cag, Keenan, and Adam and go to the school. There was good food…chicken parmesian, stuffed shells, sausage and onions (which I didn’t eat), and salad. Kelley wasn’t hungry but she grabbed a plate anyways and Keenan and I were supposed to share it, but neither of us touched it. Oh well. I got bubbles blown in my eyes, shook some hands, said congratulations a billion times, and only the people with bags could get on the bus. That was annoying. Again, oh well. So the ride there, Kelley was like…falling asleep…and Nicole took something I said wrong. I felt bad. So we get to the Big Adventure Center and everyone plays lazer tag. Yay. That was fun. I guess I shot Kelley 3 times. hehe. oops! She was red, I was blue, what can I say…there was also green people. So…I got 10th, and Kelley threw away my score card. Oh well.

We then went climbing a few times in the climbing wall. That was exciting. Then some arcade games. Then everyone left for the movie. Then I went and bowled, and played pool with Mandy (Keenan and Cag’s older sister – chaperone). I then went back and Kelley and I did some climbing. Just after that was done, we chilled out in the climbing wall area until we were instructed to get back on the buses. Kelley and I got on the quiet bus, but it wasn’t quiet for long. We drove to the movie theatre where the Omen was playing. I debated going to see it, but was relieved to hear that it sucked and that I decided not to go see it. Hahaha. Sweet deal!
Pretty much, that was Chem-Free for the graduated Class of ’06. The bus ride home was cool except for screaming people, and people screaming at the screaming people to stop screaming (…ineffective? maybe.)

College Bound

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
So I finally stepped into the real game of being college-bound. This past year, I attended the Technical College in Berlin. I decided they didn’t have enough courses for what I wanted, so I looked around. I found what I was looking for. Champlain College in Burlington, VT has a superb Networking Program.
I applied late because I wanted to have the two semester grades for Champlain from the Tech. Today, June 3rd, I got a big package in the mail with an acceptance letter inside. Jeesh…the one and only college I apply to takes me. So basically…I was pretty happy this morning when it came in. (And the fact that more of my clothes came in) Then I started looking at the financial part of it, and realized that it’s not that bad monetarily-wise…however, college is college. It still costs your lower right torso for books, and your grandmother for a semester of schooling.
So I guess like…7 people know now. And they’re all happy. Keenan is supposedly going to be like 10 minutes from me. But I don’t know about that…highly doubt it. But if he is…I’m staying in a suite off-campus, which is shared by Champlain and UVM students. That’ll be awesome! I just hope there’s no “rivalry� because it’s really immature and I hate unnecessary stupidity because of things like that. Like the whole Berlin-Gorham rivalry…that was a joke…
But I don’t think I’ll know anyone there, so that will blow in a sense. Except the people that I met on the tour I took there. I think I’ll be coming home every weekend for a long time though…and I don’t want to worry about that right now. Just happy I got in!