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Worst Week Of My Life…

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

So the past 4 days of my life have been very memorable. Not because they are good, but because they were the most physically painful days of my life. You may think I’m exaggerating this story, but I’ll tell you all about my wisdom teeth removal…
Monday, March 13th

7:00AM – Wake-up time. Take a shower, and get ready to go. My mom asks me if I’m nervous. Really not, I tell her I’m not. She laughs. I don’t know why.
10:20AM – Go in the surgeon’s room in Concord, NH. They immediately put straps around my knees to prevent me from “falling out of the seat”. The anesthesiologist puts a mask over my nose and tells me to breath through my nose…not feeling a whole lot, I breathe heavy and start to feel it a little. Dr. Levy then decides to “administor the drip” and pokes me in the arm. After a while of him trying to find my vain I said, “When you’re done poking around there, try getting the vain on the inside of my arm.” He laughs, but keeps digging. After finally getting the right vain, the anesthesiologist asks me if I’m feeling anything. I told her I was a little. She says, “You ready?”…I’m thinking…uhhhh…sure? I said “Ya”, at which point she turns it up, it gets louder and tells me to take one deep breath. I tell ya, she was serious. I inhaled, and wasn’t awake long enough to remember exhaling. Serious shit right there.
From 10:20AM to 1:20PM – I have no fucking idea what happened…I was told that I started humming and telling the doctors that I loved them. (Which they appreciated because the patients usually tell them to go fuck themselves or that they are going to kill them…so I was nice about it at least…) I remember (?”dreaming”?) that felt like I was in my mouth on water-slides…ya. I told you that was serious shit…
1:30PM – Upon waking up, I realize these damn doctors are still drilling and chiseling at my bottom left tooth. I think ASSHOLES!, but I didn’t care I couldn’t feel the pain. Wonders of novacaine. They then let me sober up, tell me they aren’t sure why I swelled so bad, and one of the ladies that was in the surgeon’s room walks me out to the car.
1:35PM to 10:00PM – I WANT TO KILL MYSELF. I seriously just…wanted to die. My lower lip is the size of banana, not jokingly, it was hanging below my chin. My cheeks are both the size of softballs, and honestly if you think a migraine is bad…just be lucky your wisdom teeth only (possibly) have to come out once…I only had one strive to stay alive (and I’ve already told her.)

Tuseday, March 14th

This day pretty much sucked, but was much better than Monday. The whole day was spent icing 20 minutes on the left, 20 minutes on the right side of my face. Lovelyyyy…

Wednesday, March 15th

This day was better than the previous days. Not only the pain was better, but I actually had social interaction. I was soooooo happy when my sister brought me to Kelley’s house to pick Kelley up. We then went down to my house, and her and my mom watched the new Harry Potter while I was in and out of sleeping. Kelley took good care of me…giving me pills, getting me more to drink, etc. That was very nice. Times like now shows that she is an incredible girlfriend to me…and despite laughing at me I still love her, a lot! And that was the best part about the previous few days of my life. Then Kelley had to go to Drivers Ed. I think I slept a lot.

Thursday, March 16th

I pretty much spent this day in laze, I didn’t do too much except sleep, watch the lamest movie ever…”Waiting”…STUPID, do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. I also got to go on the computer, which was lovely. Oh ya…I tried to get our fuckin Verizon DSL working (I can’t believe my dad bought Verizon DSL…but that could be a whole other blog.) Verizon Support Technicians are ASSHOLES by the way. I hope I never have to work for them and their shitty ass company. (Also hoping that by typing this I’m not jeapordizing any opportunities I might have gotten in the future…)

Friday, March 17th – Today (My Birthday)

How do you think I’m doing? Oh lovely. It’s my birthday. YAY! I’m 19…ya, I get to celebrate by being at work from 9-5. Happy Birthday to me, happy bir……….. Ya.

So to sum it up…my Spring Vacation Week…SUCKED! lol. But I hope this doesn’t scare anyone from getting their wisdom teeth removed because…as Dr. Levy says, “It should have taken less than an hour and a half, and it took 3 hours.” … then he says, “we’re not sure why you’re so swelled, but this Prednisone should take care of that for you.”
Oh ya, before I forget…here’s the list of pills I’ve been taking:

  • Percocet – Every 4 hours
  • 800mG Ibuprofin – Every 6 hours
  • 500mG Amoxicillin – Every 6 hours
  • Prednisone

Ya, lots of pills. I take it normal people don’t get the pain that I had, but it does hurt. Nobody I’ve talked to have had these same experiences, so this shouldn’t scare you all.
That’s it for now! I best get back to work before I get fired though, so hopefully see you all around soon! Hope college kids had a better week off (some 2 weeks off) than I did! And don’t take brushing your teeth daily for granted. lol. I guess I did. Blood doesn’t taste good…especially after a few days of lingering in your mouth. I finally got to brush my teeth with some antibacterial mouthwash…heck yes!
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