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OMG…I got a FREE Mac Mini!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

I wanted to let everyone know something incredibly cool. I guess if you hate Apple and the Macintosh operating system, you can ignore this blog. For the rest of people that want a free computer…read on.
So Dan Leveille inspired me to sign up for to get a free iPod because he got one himself. After researching these types of companies, I found this company, www.ConsumerIncentivePromotions.Com that gives Mac Mini’s after a certain number of completed offers (rather than referring friends). You only have to sign up for 2 offers per page (with a total of 3 pages). If you visit their website and it doesn’t work, just Bookmark it, and try again because it’s been doing that recently. No big deal!

I thought what the hell…I’ll try it out. I finished the 2 offers required for the first page, and waited until they were confirmed. I then tried the second page, and again waited for the offers to be confirmed. After the first 4, I was like OK, this is cool, I’ll do the third page. I completed the first of 2 offers, and it got confirmed, so I completed the final (6 of 6) offers (which was to sign up for Earthlink Dialup – $9.95). I did that, it completed and I cancelled all of the offers I signed up for.

I filled in their shipping information, sent it in, and 2 weeks later I got a tracking number for the package. 2 DAYS later I got home, and had a box on my bed. In the box was another box…direct from Apple. In that box was my BRAND NEW 1.33Ghz PowerPC, 512MB of RAM, 40Gig HD Mac Mini with a retail value of $649.99. I was so happy. I had to take a picture before I even opened the Mini! Here’s the pic:

Me and the Mini

I’d encourage you to try the same…but as for me…I’m happy I did! And no, as of yet, it’s not for sale.